> What should prevention in healthcare look like?

I've also wondered a bit about this topic. Would it be possible to make a small device to test food and drinks for harmful chemicals like carcinogens? Or to at least see the chemical breakdown of the food.

> Do animals glorify feelings such as love the way humans do?

While I'm not sure if animals have a concept of love, it was fascinating when I first learned some animals feel and show some other complex emotions: like elephants grieving[1] and chimpanzees planning revenge against other chimpanzees[2].

> If evolution is true, what comes after us?

The "next versions of humans" are already amongst us. They can hold their breath for much longer than the rest of us[3]; others can even digest milk[4]! But more seriously, for the actual next version (i.e. when the changes become noticeable)... that's an interesting question to think about.

> Why has the skill of painting not changed much?

I see painting as a communication device like speaking and singing. I think painting hasn't changed much for the same reason speaking and singing and dancing haven't changed much; there have been different styles and forms of all of them over time and across different cultures, but there's something universal (and so, timeless) about a painting and a song.

> Why are gut feelings usually always right?

Just thinking out aloud: I don't know for sure, but I sometimes think of gut feeling as the brain "caching" patterns. Instead of rethinking from scratch about every situation, it stores a cached response as a way of saving time and effort.

It also seems to me like gut feelings are *by definition* the sense of what we know but can't quite explain. If we could explain and control it, would it then just become...knowledge?

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